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The History of Coffee Tour Don Juan dates back to when Don Juan Cruz was born in the year of 1937, he was one of the first pioneering farming families that arrived to the Monteverde area.

One of his son’s and a nephew decided to continue with his legacy by opening an coffee house back on 2005 in Monteverde (a very touristic area of Costa Rica), where they used the coffee that Don Juan produce in his small Coffee Farm.

Very often, visitors whom visit the Coffee House asked them about how was the process of the coffee, so they got the idea of brought a small coffee plant to the coffee house, this way visitors were able to see a real coffee plant, but that wasn’t enough to the tourists, visitors kept asking about the whole process of the coffee, this is how they decided to take the tourists to visit Don Juan’s small farm, and that’s how the tour started.

Our very first tour was on 2006, and nowadays has been 12 years of experience on coffee plantations and tours! Currently Don Juan always makes sure to be around to meet the visitors.

Don Juan Tours – Costa Rica